It’s time for health-conscious souls to take our place in history and step into our power. Step into your role as a powerful creator on the planet. 

HeartPickings is for the rebels, the creators, the visionaries, the troublemakers, the odd ones and most of all for anyone who is here to create a healthy life, and a healthy world with systems that serve people and the planet.

HeartPickings provides a place for dialogue and connection as we unlearn, learn and rewild ourselves.

A platform where you connect based on:

  • what you are passionate about,
  • curious about,
  • what troubles you,
  • what excites you,
  • what you want to create in your own life and the world.

You are who you are and how you show up at any point in time. Are you ready to step into your power as a powerful creator on the planet? You no longer need to feel alone or the only one who sees a different path for yourself and those around you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you are from or what level of experience you have as much as a capacity to create something you need that you will integrate into your life.

HeartPickings offers an opportunity to create new ways of working in community; developed through experimentation by supporting each other and helping each other grow and develop at our own pace. We are truly trekking into the unknown, trusting our hearts and universal guidance.

Why Now?

Healthy systems will not come from those in the mainstream who are fearful of exploring opportunities and charting healthy paths. It takes the ones willing to walk on the edges of possibility and bring real-world examples of igniting ourselves and building holistic systems. It takes great courage to see beyond problems that others are still struggling through.

Visionary authors Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze guide us: “This is why it’s so important that pioneers work as community, encouraging one another through the trials and risks natural to those giving birth to the new in the midst of the breakdown of the old.”

Can you see yourself stepping out of the manual of how you were taught life should be, to trek into the unknown and follow your heart’s calling?

Let’s be Clear on what HeartPickings Is Not

For egos, Illicit activities, toxicity, the past, those not longing for adventure or playing it “safe”


HeartPickings is not for everyone.

It is a radically different platform bringing to life ways for us to reconnect with ourselves and each other. It is not for anyone who wants to be an influencer; there are plenty of existing platforms to broadcast how amazing you are and build your audience and followers. There are no likes, followers, or divisions.


HeartPickings has no audience and it is truly community based.

It is a place of deep connection, open dialogue exchanges, and relationships. A place to bring your curiosity and embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

What are you creating?

We would love to know more about you and this will also help us match you with others in the community crew